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Kissing As Protest

two women kissing

Kissing is one of my favorite things ever. A good make out session can make me feel like a giggly teenager, with butterflies in my stomach and a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Kissing can have lots of positive effects, but I hadn’t ever thought of using kissing as a form of protest. Sure, I’ve heard of sit-ins, but a kiss-in? My friend Kelli sent me a link to an article about people participating in same sex kiss-ins to protest Chick-Fil-A. Continue Reading →

The Perfect Fairy Tale Kiss

As my colleague, fellow folklorist Linda J. Lee, discusses in her post on “True Love’s Kiss,” the kiss as awakening and  transformation motif in fairy tales has a long and less-known history. From early versions of “Sleeping Beauty” to “The Frog Prince,” fairy tale kisses are tied up with violence and sexuality in a way that would make a Disney heroine blush. This is yet another reminder that fairy tales were not originally intended for children, so their shift in audience has seen accompanying changes in content. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →

Kissing Better Than Claritin D?

I just returned from Washington D.C., where I attended an advocacy summit. While I had a great time (especially on my last day when the weather was so lovely I only wore a cardigan), my allergies were kicking into high gear. I was a sneezing sensation. I went from no sneezing and sniffling to sneezing multiple times a minute – I think this may be one of the worst super powers ever. There is nothing like meeting with politicians and their aides, and sneezing all over them. Continue Reading →

The New Year’s Kiss

For Valentine’s day, my Special Lady Friend and I went through my extensive collection of rom-coms and decided on a classic: When Harry Met Sally.  Wading through the late 80′s fashion, Billy Crystal’s folksy wisdom, and Meg Ryan’s pastrami-plastering fake orgasm, we noted how important the New Year’s Eve kiss was to them and started to wonder how the tradition of kissing your sweetheart at the stroke of midnight got started. Continue Reading →

Public Sex: Four Tips For Better Sex

In the previous three weeks, I wrote about three types of sex that I think are worth a try: Passionate Crazy Sex, Lazy Day in Bed Sex, and Making Sweet Romance. So what’s the fourth type of sex that gets my vote? Public Peek-a-Boo Sex, of course.  

Not that I’m advocating having sex where you could potentially get caught (and I am certainly not advocating any type of public sex that would be noticed by others or that would disturb or offend others), but I am advocating that at least once in your life, you consider some type of public sex. Why? Continue Reading →

MSP Sex Q&A: How can we spice up our sex life?

Question: My girlfriend and I are both 22 but we have a pretty routine/boring sex life. How can we spice it up? Answer: Don’t give up! There is no reason that 22 should be as good as it gets. Whenever I hear someone of any age – but especially someone in their 20s or 30s – say that their sex life has hit a stand still, I usually ask if they and they partner talk about sex during times when they’re not already having it. Continue Reading →