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Toy Review: Smartballs Teneo Silicone Kegel Balls

Thanks again to our affiliates at Good Vibrations, I recently received my very own Silicone Kegel Balls by Teneo. Though these are the first Kegel balls I’ve reviewed, I was really impressed! I wasn’t surprised to hear that the Smartballs won a 2010 award for best product design. The silicone balls come in a variety of colors, and have a sleek, streamlined design…and they kind of look like miniature Death Stars (forgive my nerdy associations). For those of you that aren’t familiar with Kegel balls, here’s a little info:

-They’re used to strengthen the PC muscles in the pelvic floor. Continue Reading →

Sex (-ual Health and Well-Being) On A Plane: Making The Most Out Of Long Flights

One of the double-edged realities of living in Australia is how long it takes to fly anywhere. One the one hand, we’re pleasantly tucked away in what feels like a little hidden corner of the world. One the other, long flights are tedious and expensive. You will frequently hear Aussies complain about this in a good-natured way, but also reminiscent of the “in my day, I had to walk three miles, uphill, in the snow” sort of way. The question is always how to stay occupied on that 14+hour flight, after the Sudoku in the in-flight magazine is finished and you’re done laughing at all the hilarious (read: useless) stuff in the Sky Mall catalogue. Continue Reading →

Kegels: Your New Main Squeeze

They say the best things in life are free, and Kegels are a great example of this truism. Also know as PC (pubococcygeus) muscle exercises, Kegels are one of the single greatest things men and women can do to improve their sexual well-being. Squeezing this lovely little muscle can have heaps of benefits. For sex geeks like me who care about this sort of thing, they are named after Arnold Kegel, a gynecologist who wanted to help women reduce incontinence (lack of bladder control). After instructing many patients in these exercises, Kegel learned that they not only improve bladder control but they have a wonderful side effect: improved orgasmic ability! Continue Reading →