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Toy Review: Smartballs Teneo Silicone Kegel Balls

Thanks again to our affiliates at Good Vibrations, I recently received my very own Silicone Kegel Balls by Teneo. Though these are the first Kegel balls I’ve reviewed, I was really impressed! I wasn’t surprised to hear that the Smartballs won a 2010 award for best product design. The silicone balls come in a variety of colors, and have a sleek, streamlined design…and they kind of look like miniature Death Stars (forgive my nerdy associations). For those of you that aren’t familiar with Kegel balls, here’s a little info:

-They’re used to strengthen the PC muscles in the pelvic floor. Continue Reading →

This Week at MSP: Sex Tourism, Kegels, Folklore, Sex Toys & More

This week our MSP blogging team grows even more. Today you will hear from two new bloggers: Miss Maggie Mayhem and Jeana Jorgensen, in addition to reading posts written by me, Kiersten, Kate and perhaps a few others (surprises ahead, I tell you!). You will read about sex tourism, folklore, belly dancing, sex maps, Kegel exercises and sex toys – and those are just the posts I know about! As with most blogs, many posts will be unexpected, influenced by what is going on in the world at any given time. I hope you will Continue Reading →