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Jealousy And Language

Jealousy is a problem that irks many a relationship. It’s possible to be jealous of many different kinds of people or things, to be jealous of people who have what you want, or are with who you want to be with. You can be envious or someone for being the kind of person you’re not. In many instances, though, jealousy in the context of relationships means feeling annoyed or frustrated or hurt or angry when your partner (or love interest or crush object) pays attention to someone else instead of you, whether that means going so far as cheating or simply flirting. Since I have the good fortune to be a relatively un-jealous person, friends often come to me for advice about how to handle jealousy issues. Continue Reading →

Compersion In Love, Sex, And Friendship

“Compersion” is a word used in non-monogamous circles that describes the emotion of feeling happy for a lover when they’re happy, specifically due to interactions with another lover. Sound confusing, or impossible due to jealousy? It doesn’t have to be. The idea behind compersion is that if you really care about someone, you want them to be happy. You want them to have experiences that feel good and bring them joy. Continue Reading →