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Sarah Silverman Can Turn Your Mouth Into A Vulva

Sarah Silverman thinks that “being comfortable and vocal with your body” is a good thing – and I can’t say I disagree. Yet Silverman, who has never let ideas about “appropriateness” sway her, once again takes this comfort to the next level. Last week on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Silverman shared her favorite new camera trick with the audience. Bound to entertain pubescent boys (and perhaps the occasional adult who dabbles in the “dirty”) for decades to come, the trick involves photographing someone’s mouth in such a way that it resembles a vulva. Check out the video for a full how-to: Sarah Silverman’s iPhone Vulva Craft (thanks to Gizmodo for the tip). Continue Reading →

Want Bigger Breasts? There’s An App For That

Just when you thought the iPhone couldn’t get any cooler – a (newer) app that is gaining popularity is one which shows women what they would look like post-breast implant surgery. A co-worker of mine recently purchased the iPhone 4 and was talking about the app(which is titled iAugment) the other day and (although she briefly flashed us the home screen at work) I still could not believe what I was hearing. Therefore in order to satisfy my curiosity, I checked it out later when I got home and – lo and behold – iAugment is definitely a real app available on iTunes. Apparently the app is not as new as I thought; it turns out it was designed by Dr. Elizabeth Kinsley (a plastic surgeon based in New Orleans) and was released back in August of 2010 in order to (more or less) perform virtual plastic surgeries. It is a rather interesting concept because it basically aids women in deciding what cup size is best for them by giving them the chance to visualize how they would look after getting implants. Continue Reading →

Debby-Approved vibrator app?

I kind of love that Gizmodo has introduced the term ”Debby-Approved vibrator app” (referencing MyPleasure’s MyVibe app) in their post about Apple’s first iPhone porn-ish app (featuring topless women). I would have gladly checked this new app out but it was down by the time I learned of it – too much interest all at one, perhaps? In the mean time, I will stick to sorting through potentially Debby-approved vibrators such as the Lelo Homme Bo couples cock ring or the We-Vibe. And if you know of a new great iPhone sex app, hit me up. [screen shot image via Gizmodo] Continue Reading →