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Happy New Year! What are your 2009 New Year’s Sex Resolutions?

Happy 2009! If you’ve never made a New Year’s sex resolution, why not start now? Try to choose one that leaves you with many possibilities and that is mostly under your control. For example, “have more sex” wouldn’t be a resolution that I’d recommend as it’s fairly limited or narrow in scope, and it’s not really under your control if what you mean is have more partnered sex. After all, it takes a partner to make that one happen! Continue Reading →

MSP Holiday Gift Idea #2: It’s All Well and Good by Beth Moses

To add to previously mentioned gift ideas, let me suggest the book "It’s All Well and Good" by Beth Moses, a woman who I have heard speak publicly several times (she’s great!) and upon whom I’ve turned to many times for the gift of holistic massage therapy and talking things out. I’ve also been turning to the wisdom of her book for, oh, about 5 or 6 years. Though it is booked with information about massage, self-care, stretching, meditation, relationships, and finding balance, her words have helped me (and quite a few friends) through difficult times related to love, sex, school, work, and family. It’s one of those books that you can pick up and just read a page or two, and be good to go for a while. Her book has also had an important influence on the ways in which I try to blend love and sex with issues of ethics and integrity. Continue Reading →