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Sex On The Brain: Royal Family Incest, Labia Lift, Muffia & their Merkins, Sexy Book of Sex, Our Bodies Our Junk & More

- National Geographic explores incest within Royal Families
- The Guardian takes a look at the Muffia performance artists, who reveal their merkin-clad (over their undies and/or body stockings)
- Love the title of this new book: Sex: Our Bodies, Our Junk and looking forward to reading it. – You can listen to an audio interview with me about birth control pills. It’s on the Medill School of Journalism’s web site. – This adorable dress would be perfect for a romantic picnic in the park. I’m thinking of getting it (just wish it had pockets!)
- My friend, Rama, told me about The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex which looks like a must-read. Continue Reading →

Like Cinderella, But With More Incest

Cinderella is one of the most popular fairy-tale heroines today, and yet she is far from the only pitiable servant to don a ball gown and win a prince. In European fairy tales from oral tradition, there’s a closely related story, one with a beautiful but lowly protagonist and ball gowns and a prince and … incest. This sister-tale to Cinderella starts not with a mother-figure who hates her daughter excessively, but with a father who loves his daughter excessively. He swears to his dying wife to marry someone only as beautiful as her, who turns out to be (you guessed it!) their daughter. She postpones having to marry her father by asking for magically beautiful dresses, and then disguises herself in an animal skin and runs away. Continue Reading →