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Hymen Handling Tips

In the mood for a cute, upbeat video that discusses how to better understand and care for your (or your intimate partner’s) hymen? Then watch this, and take note of the speaker’s tips on how to ease into sexual activity while taking into account the porous membrane that partially covers the vagina. You can also read Dr. Debby’s advice on how to deal with a hymen that covers more of the vagina and can thus lead to painful sex. Continue Reading →

You Say Hymen, We Say Vaginal Corona

In keeping with the Sex and Language theme week, we thought it would be interesting to mention this fact: the “hymen,” thought of as a brittle membrane that is broken when a woman loses her virginity, does not exist. As Scarleteen informs us, the proper term is “vaginal corona” and these thin folds of mucous tissue are formed differently in each individual woman and are not a good indicator of sexual experience, tampon use, or anything else. Since the word “hymen” has such negative connotations of purity and being a virgin from the limited perspective of male-female vaginal penetrative intercourse, why not start saying “vaginal corona” instead? We dare you. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Continue Reading →