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Activist Pick-Up Lines

Wanting to impress that socially-conscious special someone? Check out these pick-up lines for activists that have been trending on Twitter. My favorites include:

I’m a socialist in the streets but an anarchist in the sheets. Is that a rolled up secular, minority rights-protecting constitutional draft in ur pocket,or are u just happy to see me? Rose are red. Continue Reading →

Hot Domestic Monotony

With all the serious sex news going around, add something humorous in your day and have a look at an Onion article titled “Nothing Gets Me Wetter Than a Monotonous Domestic Routine.” Better yet, do a dramatic reading of it with some not-easily-offended friends. You’re welcome. Continue Reading →

Wii Dares What Kinect Won’t

In a previous post of mine, I conjectured that it would be a long time before we see a Rock Band type game looking at sex and sexual activity.  Well, I have been proven wrong! This article talks about the parents who are up in arms since a company released a sexy Truth or Dare game for the Nintendo Wii.  Check out the commercial – it seems like tame fun that could lead to other things! What do you about this?  Like Violet Blue, the NSFW bloggess that led me here, does this entice you to purchase and/or dust off the Wii?  Or perhaps something to use the Wii for now that your Wii Fit board is languishing unloved in the corner?  Or is this normal adult/teen antics for the virtual video game age? Learn about MSP posts as they happen by following us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. You can also follow Craig VanKempen, the author of this post, @craigvk and make friends with us on Facebook. Continue Reading →

Blog Humor

Within the past week or so, my Twitter feed has been overloaded with tweets pertaining to the crisis in Japan (which is clearly upsetting), tweets from friends who are partying because they are on spring break (which are clearly nonsensical/not legible), or tweets concerning Charlie Sheen – obviously then followed by his famous #winning/#losing trend he has initiated (which is clearly annoying). But today in the midst of all the chaos on my twitter feed,  a friend tweeted an image preceeded by the text “blogger sex…” So in case you’re having similar issues, or just need a good laugh, I thought I would share the image. And how appropriate, as I am indeed sharing this on a blog! Learn about MSP posts as they happen by following us on Twitter@mysexprofessor or make friends with us on Facebook. Continue Reading →

New Ways to Kinect

As a follow-up to the wonderful article on Vagina Hero, I wanted to share this:

Penny Arcade, one of the gamer communities’ flagship webcomics, is at times both hilarious and offensive.  Is also occasionally impenetrable as well, especially if you aren’t versed in gamer speak.  Fortunately, I am more l33t than n00b, so I am able to keep up with at least half of what they say. Continue Reading →

Sex Talk: A Sexy Comic About Consent!

I was tickled when a friend forwarded me a link to Sex Talk: a comic about communication, consent, & gettin’ it on! Providing examples of informed consent and of negotiating different boundaries or levels of consent, the comic features people of all shapes, sizes, and colors, and even makes fun of Twilight. Go have a look (and a chuckle), and maybe you’ll be inspired to think about consent in new ways! We hope you’ll follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor and make friends with us on Facebook. Continue Reading →

An Educational E-Card: Later in Life Lube

I am a huge fan of retro e-cards, especially the Anne Taintor-style retro cards that have been “re-written” for humorous purposes. So, I went looking for a card today for my father’s birthday and found (I know, don’t judge me, it just happened to be one of the first Google results, I swear!) and they had a variety of card types that fit the very aesthetic I was looking for: “Retro and Vintage,” a “Gallery of the Absurd,” even a section of velvet paintings turned e-cards. I found this one card, though, that was just as educational as it was funny: Continue Reading →

My students’ videos about sex

Last semester, students in my human sexuality class had an assignment to create a public service announcement (PSA). The videos touched on a wide range of topics from college hook-ups to condom use to alcohol and sex to chlamydia and HIV.  Though the the PSAs were shown exclusively in class, some of them also added theirs to the conversation on YouTube. Check out their brilliant (and sometimes touching, sometimes quite funny) work here:

and here

and here:


Thoughts? (P.S. F255-ers, if I’m missing any others on YouTube, let me know!) Continue Reading →