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Morality Clauses And Homophobia

The ability of judges to write “morality clauses” into divorce papers can lead to enforcing homophobia, as in this Texas case wherein a judge is ordering a lesbian couple to not live together in order to “protect” the children involved. Because the couple cannot marry in Texas, and the judge is ordering that no adult not related by blood or marriage be in the house after 9pm, the family is caught in a bind. I wonder, too, whether there is a class issue involved here; some adults cannot afford their rent without housemates, so this kind of situation could be devastating for lower-income households. Either way, mandating that heterosexual marriage is the only acceptable situation for children to grow up in is both unrealistic and prejudiced. Continue Reading →

Holiday Giving? Think Again About The Salvation Army!

Love it or hate it, the holiday season is here. That means (along with being bombarded by Christmas music every time you’re out) being forced to choose between dodging and acknowledging the people who are out asking for money in front of stores. Even if the idea of giving to charity appeals to you, think carefully about where your money might be going. One of the most prominent charities, with their distinctive red buckets and bell-ringing, is the Salvation Army. However, one of their media relations directors said outright that gays deserve death. Continue Reading →

MSP interviews Jason Ball, Activist and Gay Football Player

Jason 2

Australians will often tell overseas visitors that Aussie Rules Football, or simply ‘footy,’ is like a religion. It’s rare to find an Aussie who doesn’t passionately support an AFL (Australian Football League) team and team rivalries are deeply entrenched in family and footy culture alike. As with most sports, the professional teams are all male and reflect and reinforce traditional male gender roles. When I read that an Aussie Rules Football player – Jason Ball – had come out publicly as gay (the first ever to do so), I was thrilled to see how it would affect change in this traditional institution. Not only has he come out, he’s also become a passionate spokesperson for eliminating homophobia in the AFL. Continue Reading →