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Emotionally Safer Sex

I just finished reading the article “Safer Sex…for Your Heart” by Heather Corinna over at Scarleteen, and I must say I have found my paragon of sexual health literature (besides, of course, Because It Feels Good by our own Dr. Debby).  For many years, I have pushed for teaching safer sex in a more holistic way; considering emotional as well as physical well-being.  However, I have found few resources for this that weren’t either overly simplified or overly academic.  This article is neither of these. Heather provides an excellent primer for those who are interested in teaching about holistically safer sex, and I will be sharing this with the sexual health peer educators (Sexperteam!) who I am helping to train this weekend. Check out “Safer Sex…For Your Heart” and let us know what you think.  There’s ample information in this article, including some common sense advice along with a few gems of poetic, useful information.  I am especially fond of this paragraph: Continue Reading →