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Holiday Giving? Think Again About The Salvation Army!

Love it or hate it, the holiday season is here. That means (along with being bombarded by Christmas music every time you’re out) being forced to choose between dodging and acknowledging the people who are out asking for money in front of stores. Even if the idea of giving to charity appeals to you, think carefully about where your money might be going. One of the most prominent charities, with their distinctive red buckets and bell-ringing, is the Salvation Army. However, one of their media relations directors said outright that gays deserve death. Continue Reading →

My Traveling Tradition: A Couple’s Christmas

A more local adventure: The Great Ocean Road, just a few hours drive from where I live

Every other year or so, my husband and I forgo presents and family gatherings in favor of traveling someplace new together and celebrating the holidays with just the two of us. Although it might seem paradoxical, I love how this practice balances the comfortable predictability of a tradition with the energizing excitement of the unknown. Since we live thousands of miles away from our nearest relatives, it makes the decision a bit easier when the cost of traveling to parents and siblings is often much greater than one of our couple’s adventures. To further reduce the holiday financial burden, we give each other homemade cards on Christmas morning instead of exchanging traditional gifts. My husband’s quite a cartoonist and he makes these wonderful drawings that celebrate the previous year, often reflecting the adventures (local and international) that we’ve had together. Continue Reading →

Folklore, Celebrations, And Rites Of Passage

I’ve written about the intersections of folklore and sexuality in the past. Now, with the upcoming holiday season, I’d like to focus on two aspects of folklore – celebrations and rites of passage – that are both relevant and interesting to discuss, especially in light of gender and sexuality. If we define folklore as expressive culture, then most holiday celebrations are informed by and can be categorized as folklore. Whether the holidays or festivals celebrated today are sacred or secular or some mix of both, when people gather in groups they display important aspects of their identities. To be sure, holidays in America are also influenced by pop culture and the mass media, not to mention capitalism and commercialism. Continue Reading →

New Blog: Festivus Porn

Festivus, made popular by TV show Seinfeld, is a holiday celebrated on December 23rd in which participants erect an unadorned aluminum Festivus pole, air their grievances, practice feats of strength (wrestling), and labeling easily explained events as Festivus Miracles. The idea is to get away from the whole commercialism thing. In order to get away from awful Christmas themed porn, the Festivus Porn (NSFW) blog was born. Continue Reading →

Off Topic: Snowman and other Christmas Cupcakes from Publix

Those of you who follow my intermittently posted-on tumblr may remember that I love a well-decorated cupcake, especially if it is tasty to boot. I also enjoy visiting Cupcakes Take The Cake, a blog co-written by none other than the talented sex writer/editor extraordinaire Rachel Kramer Bussel. Today I thought of their fun blog while scarfing down one of my favorite cupcakes of all time – a holiday cupcake from Publix bakery. While not from the exact Publix that I grew up going to in Miami [I went both to “the old Publix” which is now a Wild Oats and “the new Publix” further south on US1, which is now nowhere near new as it cropped up in the mid-80s, perhaps. South Miamians will know that the new Publix had a far better bakery, plus the bonus of FREE COOKIES FOR KIDS! Continue Reading →