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HIV/AIDS And Stigma: What You Can Do

When my introductory MSP post went live, I unsurprisingly shared it on my Facebook and Twitter accounts, wanting my friends to see the great work I was helping to produce.  And many of my online friends contacted me to let me know how much they liked that I was contributing to such a fun, sex-positive website.  However, one good friend and colleague was disappointed:  “Craig,” he said, “there’s one very important thing that is missing when you talk about your experience with sex, and I think the fact that you left it off shows how important it is to talk about.” As I scanned back through my introduction, I realized what I had done.  Despite having spent the entirety of 2009 providing services to people living with HIV, I had neglected to mention this in my intro.  I could give all sorts of reasons –  I didn’t feel like it was sex-positive enough,  I didn’t think it went with the feeling of the site, etc. But the bottom line is that this site exists to talk about sex, relationships, and pleasure for EVERYONE, and that includes people who are living with HIV. The fact that I missed an opportunity to talk about a group that is very important to me demonstrates how often stigma, fear, and misunderstanding can lead to discrimination and invisibility, whether it is from something as simple as a blog post or as complex as the institution of marriage.  This can happen either unintentionally, as I hope was my case, or simply because this group is feared and stigmatized, and is therefore left out of the conversation.  I think stigma regarding people living with HIV can be reduced in two ways:  knowledge about the disease and familiarizing yourself with those living with HIV in your community. Continue Reading →

Anne Rice Supports Same Sex Marriage Rights, Leaves Catholic Church.

I’ve never read any of Anne Rice’s work. My only connection at all to her work is that, when I was in college, I babysat the children of this terrific couple. One time, the dad surprised the mom with a surprise trip to New Orleans for some type of Anne Rice dinner (she was a fan of her work). And now, I’m feeling like Anne Rice is all shades of awesome due to her decision to articulate why she left the Catholic Church, including certain positions they have taken against condom use as it relates to HIV, abortions even under life-saving circumstances for the mother, and same-sex marriage rights. I found the article on Jezebel, though apparently it’s from an interview she recently gave for ABC. Continue Reading →

Casual Encounters and Casual Sex: When to get tested for STDs?

On the last two Tuesdays, we’ve addressed what to do when a condom breaks or when you get cut or torn during sex. This week, we’re tackling what to do when you wake up and realize you had a casual encounter with a random. Sex Crisis #3: You Wake Up and Realize You Went Home With a Random

Many people have been in the sticky situation of realizing that they went home with – and likely had casual sex with – someone who they didn’t know very well, and certainly not well enough to know whether this person was a good choice or a bad choice to bed down with. Here’s what to do should this happen to you: Continue Reading →

My students’ videos about sex

Last semester, students in my human sexuality class had an assignment to create a public service announcement (PSA). The videos touched on a wide range of topics from college hook-ups to condom use to alcohol and sex to chlamydia and HIV.  Though the the PSAs were shown exclusively in class, some of them also added theirs to the conversation on YouTube. Check out their brilliant (and sometimes touching, sometimes quite funny) work here:

and here

and here:


Thoughts? (P.S. F255-ers, if I’m missing any others on YouTube, let me know!) Continue Reading →