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There Is Life After Sexual Assault

After the Steubenville rape case, there have been numerous blog posts (including mine) dissecting aspects of rape culture. Writer Elizabeth Bear makes an excellent point in her blog: when people say that the survivor had her whole life ahead of her, they fail to see that she still does. Bear writes: “Surviving sexual assault is not the end of a life. Rape culture includes this pervasive idea that the person who is raped is ruined forever, that ‘she’ll never be the same,’ that she’s soiled and broken. Guess what? Hundreds and hundreds of rape survivors go on to lead productive, fulfilling lives! Yes, it’s an act of violence. Continue Reading →

Your Life Could Depend On Your Ability To Sit Or Rise

On the general health front, a new study shows that people who have trouble sitting on the floor or rising from the floor are more likely to die early. This holds true even when variables like gender are controlled for, which is interesting given the well-documented gap in men’s and women’s life expectancies. Researchers don’t know precisely what the correlation is, but the sitting-rising test score (which you can perform easily at home) is a predictor of all-cause mortality. If you’re interested in improving your health as part of your New Year’s plans, consider looking into your sitting-rising abilities. Continue Reading →