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Canadian Health Care Converts A Conservative

I’m always fascinated by what makes people change their minds. So this essay, by an anti-abortion religiously conservative American mother who moved to Canada, caught my eye. She writes about being skeptical about universal health care, as well as the availability of abortion. However, she realizes that fuller family-oriented services actually result in people having the sort of options that make them less likely to choose abortions and more likely to be able to raise healthy families. Good for her for being open-minded  enough to change her opinion when confronted with enough evidence and experience to the contrary; I know it’s not easy to give up the conviction of believing that you’re right! Continue Reading →

“Free” Birth Control For Women: Not So Fast

While there are many reasons to celebrate the expanded health coverage for American women under the Affordable Care Act, Tiger Beatdown reminds us that the ACA doesn’t promise women “free birth control” in the fullest sense of the phrase, nor does it extend to offer benefits to every American woman (as many are still uninsured, or their policies will not change until the following year). I believe the ACA is still a step in the right direction, but ideally we’ll see benefits such as better reproductive services extending to more and more of the population over time. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →

Health Care For Women

The controversial Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been upheld in the US, meaning that all Americans must purchase health insurance or face a penalty. A lot of people are unhappy about this, claiming the government is overstepping its bounds, that it’s unfair to impose a penalty, and so on. From a sexual health standpoint? I’m going to call this a win. Especially from women’s perspectives. Continue Reading →

Women Face Greater Health Care Costs In Most Of U.S.

According to a new study, women pay more for health care access than men do in many states in the U.S. Insurance companies “price” women differently than men – even charging non-smoking women more than male smokers for the same access, in some cases – although this policy is supposed to stop by 2014. I can’t help but sadly agree with the article’s author: “It’s akin to charging women extra for having lady parts.” Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →