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I Wanna Do Queer Porn…So What?

So, I’m just gonna put it out there, I really want to do queer feminist porn. I’d love to participate in a project similar to the Crash Pad Series or Freedom Porn (which I blogged about earlier on). I want to be able to present my body and sexuality to viewers in a sex- and body-positive way that screams, “it’s good to love sex”! But there’s a problem. I am a white, Jewish, middle class woman being educated at a prestigious women’s college from a fairly wealthy suburb of Boston. Continue Reading →

Trade Ya: Wash My Dishes For A Blow Job?

A recent post from Apt 11D pointed me to an article in The Atlantic about how sex and household chores meet up. Previous studies on housework amongst heterosexual couples suggest that men believe that they do a fair amount of the housework, where as women think that they do the vast majority (and are usually right). Maybe I’m not the only one who gets extremely happy (although not quite turned on) by a clean house. However, I should note that I really hate cleaning, especially the bathroom. Continue Reading →

P.S. Mother’s Day is around the corner

If you haven’t already sent out your cards, ordered flowers or otherwise found ways to recognize the important mothers in your life (yours or other women who are important to you), now is the time to do so. Dads, this is also a great time to recognize your child’s mom – whether or not you are still together with her. One new dad I know is throwing a party for his wife, which I personally think is incredible. Very good sex and relationship karma. Continue Reading →

Pelvic/Vulval Pain Awareness Day – Saturday March 29 (Australia)

The Gynaecological Awareness and Information Network (GAIN) of Australia has let us know about an event they are co-hosting on Saturday March 29 at the Agnes Walsh House at King Edward Memorial Hospital, Bagot Road, Subiaco. The event highlights three key speakers and also includes tea and musical entertainment. Learn more by contacting GAIN directly through their web site. If you live in or around the area, please do consider attending - GAIN is a tremendous organization that works to raise awareness about vulvar cancer and other gynecological issues, and they could use your support. Continue Reading →

We have our very own MSP Facebook app!!

Exciting news. Thanks to a talented developer, we have our very own MySexProfessor Facebook app that rotates interesting (or at least I think they’re interesting – after all, I wrote them!) facts about sex and relationships. You can add it to your Facebook profile here. And if you’re on Facebook, add me as a friend already, will you? Continue Reading →

Happy birthday, Kinsey Report!

Sixty years ago tomorrow, Dr. Alfred Kinsey and his research team published the results of thousands of interviews with men about their sexual histories in the ground-breaking book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male which popularly became known as "the Kinsey Report". Listen to this great NPR report about Dr. Kinsey’s work in Answering Dr. Kinsey, which airs today Friday January 4 at 1:00pm EST. Here is the NPR release:
Incidentally, January 5 is also my birthday. Learn more about the research and collections of The Kinsey Institute on their web site. —–
Answering Dr. Kinsey

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the first Kinsey Report on Human Sexual Behavior. Continue Reading →

Knock your socks off

Teenagers can make their own sex ed videos and win thousands of dollars for college and/or just plain cash. Most people will have sex in their lives – and the vast majority of women and men will have had sex – even just once or twice – by the time that they are in their early to mid twenties. About half of young women and men will have tried sex by the time they leave high school. So why not teach them about sex and how to reduce the risk of infection and unintended pregnancy, what to expect at the gynecologist, the importance of testicular and vulvar self-examinations (even if one is NOT sexually active) and such? Read more about this unique contest here. Continue Reading →

Relationships make you do weird things

Remember the song "One of these things is not like the other" from Sesame Street? If you’d like a brief refresher, check out the video: 

The basic concept, of course, is to find the one thing that does not match the rest of the items in the set. Looking at the picture below, can you find which of my grocery purchases does not match the rest? Can you guess which one I might have purchased not because I would like it, but because I thought someone else might like it? And because relationships sometimes make us do weird things? Continue Reading →