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Genitals in the Wild: Fungi Edition

Dandenongs genital in the wild

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the spectacularly beautiful National Rhododendron Gardens, which are just outside of Melbourne near the Dandenong Ranges. While the gardens themselves were lovely, they were sadly void of natural genitals-in-the-wild (at least, as much as I could see). The gift shop, however, yielded much more in that department. Near the artisanal soaps, I saw this collection of porcelain fungi and LOLed at not only their phallic shape, but also at their shadows in the background. I was tempted to pay the $16 to own one for myself, but settled on a photo to share with you all for your filthy-minded amusement. Continue Reading →

MSP Holiday Gift Idea #5: A Sensual Bath Together (maybe thanks to a 25% off sale at Origins?)

Recently I attended a screening of The Reader (thanks, S.; everyone else: go see it!) and, perhaps because of its very sensual bathing scenes, I was inspired to suggest a sensual bath as an MSP Holiday Gift Idea. And why not? If you have what you need at home to make it special (e.g., private time together, warm water, bath salts or bubble bath), then it’s a go. Bonus if you have candles, wine or another beverage of your choice. There are many possible joys in taking baths together: the creation of a special, private place together, of solitude; the way that it feels to touch another person’s body through the lens of a smooth bath soap or lotion; warm water that soothes each other’s muscles and/or candle light that sets a mood of warmth and relaxation (sex therapists/researchers are well aware, as I’m sure you are too, of the important role that relaxation plays in enhancing arousal, desire and ease of orgasm); a chance to talk and re-connect in ways that sitting in front of the television together may not offer. Continue Reading →