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Genitals In The Wild: Bone Appetit

Dinner at a phallic (looking) table? Yes please. Although I’m not entirely sure why so many of my ‘genitals in the wild’ posts are predominantly phallic-based, I just had to snap a photo of this lovely table setting. Yet I suppose what amuses me the most is — the family had no idea I was merely taking the photo to share later on MSP. [Back story: About a month ago, I was in England meeting a large portion of my fiance's family; and rather than explaining I was snapping the picture on my cell for a sex-ed blog, I simply skipped the details and snapped away.]

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How to Make a Vulva Costume [VIDEO]

It sounds like a bad joke or a porn movie: What do you get when you put two female sex researchers in a hotel room with pantyhose, sheets and a video camera? And yet: the answer is not what many people would expect. In fact, it’s this: a vulva costume. (Perfect timing, with tonight being Halloween and all – if you have two pairs of tights and some sheets or towels, you’re all set!)

Regular readers will know that as part of my research at Indiana University, I am interested in understanding more about people’s perceptions of women’s genitals and how these perceptions influence healthcare decisions and sexual behavior. Together with our team at IU, I study issues like women’s female genital self-image, pubic hair removal patterns, vibrator use, lubricant use, sexual behavior across the lifespan, and more. Continue Reading →

Genitals in the Wild: The Uterus-Like Flower Bed

Although not everyone considers a woman’s uterus to be one of her “genitals”, some do (as it is one of her “generative” organs or reproductive parts). And as we invented the whole “genitals in the wild” idea here at MSP, we also get to decide what we’re going to include in it. Today, what we are including is this flower bed. Working at Indiana University, I have long appreciated the attention that goes into the flowers, trees and stone structures around campus (ours has been described as one of the most beautiful college campuses for good reason). This past year, however, I noticed that petunias seemed to be planted in more and more flower beds around campus and, interestingly, often in ways that remind me of diagrams of the uterus that use color coding to illustrate the endometrium (the lining of a woman’s uterus). Continue Reading →

How to Talk to Your Kids about Schweddy Balls

Schweddy Balls: These moms say “repulsive”, and I say “conversation starter.” According to NPR, the conservative group, One Million Moms, is asking Ben and Jerry’s to stop making Schweddy Balls ice cream, saying that it is a “vulgar new flavor” that “has turned something as innocent as ice cream into something repulsive.” And to that, I say “No way! It’s a teachable moment.” When parents ask sex educators like me when they should give their kids “the talk” (meaning, a sex talk), it’s common for sex educators like me to say something like “Sex education isn’t a talk; it’s an ongoing conversation.” Continue Reading →

The Vulva Puppet’s Big Day Out In London

As many regular MSP readers know, the Wondrous Vulva Puppet is one of my favorite traveling companions. I’ve spent most of the (Northern Hemisphere) summer visiting family and friends in far-flung places and predictably, brought my favorite teaching tool in my carry-on. This time, the Vulva Puppet made an appearance in London, England. For your enjoyment, here’s trio of photos to document her latest adventure. Continue Reading →

Genitals In The Wild: Phallic Putt-Putt

The other night my boyfriend and I had some to kill some time, so we decided to head to the local putt-putt course to play a round and hit some balls from their driving range. We get to the fifth hole and as I look around me, I realize that ALL of these hole are constructed in a phallic-manner (in other words, they ALL looked like penises). I point this out to Andy and for the rest of the game, we can’t take anything seriously (which is a bit problematic considering there are families all around playing putt-putt). So I tried to play it cool and snap some photos of the greens; I even labeled where the head/base of the member should be in the photo (as if that wasn’t already clear) - enjoy!  

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Revealing it All

A few weeks ago, while traveling in South Africa, I came across this statue in a shop in Cape Town. It was described as “the Protective Pose” and is said to be from the Benue region of Nigeria. Unlike any other figure I saw in the store (and there were very many), this is the only one I spotted that had (a) hair placed on it as pubic hair and (b) somewhat obviously shaped genitalia (though in all fairness, the friends I was with walked right by it without noticing – I guess I’m pretty vulva-primed to notice such this). The clitoris, as you can see, is painted red. The labia are also clearly drawn. Continue Reading →