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Genitals in the Wild: Labia and Art

My boyfriend and I went to a Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit at the local art museum, and as we were climbing the stairs to get to the display—I noticed this painting on the staircase. The artist, Ryotaro Tokita, left the piece untitled, so you cannot take away any clues or insight from the name. But if it were up to my interpretation, I would guess that Tokita was inspired by a rather symmetrical pair of labia majora. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor or follow Madeline Haller, the author of this post @madeline_haller. Continue Reading →

Genitals in the Wild: Ceiling Surprises

I’ve been living in my new apartment for roughly six months now, so I’m not exactly sure why it’s taken me this long to notice this, but — all of our mounted ceiling lights look like boobs. I stumbled across the first breast-like light one afternoon when I was home sick from work. I was lying down with my head hanging over the foot of my bed, and there it was: A breast — smack-dab in the middle of my ceiling. I suppose this just shows how nonobservant I am; considering the exact same fixture is mounted in my roommate’s room, both hallways, the kitchen, as well as the bathroom. Lesson learned? Continue Reading →

Genitals in the Wild: Recycling Bin Edition

I was having a lovely walk with my fellow sex geek friend Kimu when I noticed the logo on this recycling bin. I asked her, “How have you not told me your city’s emblem is a vulva?!” It even has asymmetrical labia and a clitoris for goodness sake. Needless to say, this genital-in-the-wild sighting significantly enhanced my morning as well as my opinion of the city of Boroondara. Continue Reading →

Genitals in the Wild: Fungi Edition

Dandenongs genital in the wild

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the spectacularly beautiful National Rhododendron Gardens, which are just outside of Melbourne near the Dandenong Ranges. While the gardens themselves were lovely, they were sadly void of natural genitals-in-the-wild (at least, as much as I could see). The gift shop, however, yielded much more in that department. Near the artisanal soaps, I saw this collection of porcelain fungi and LOLed at not only their phallic shape, but also at their shadows in the background. I was tempted to pay the $16 to own one for myself, but settled on a photo to share with you all for your filthy-minded amusement. Continue Reading →

Genitals in the Wild: Hanging on the Wall

What pairs well with red wine and duck breast? Clitoral-inspired wall art, apparently. Earlier this fall, I was out dining with a friend in Philadelphia when I spotted this beauty on the wall. Now I can only assume that the artist responsible for this painting did not intend for it to resemble the upper most part of a woman’s vulva. But as I admired the paintings lining the walls of The Matyson, there it was, clitoral-esque art positioned right above my date’s head. Continue Reading →

Genitals in the Wild: Man-made Nature

Earlier this year I found myself disc golfing on one of the most beautiful and popular courses in the nation. The Flip City disc golf course on the western coast of Michigan has rolling hills and beautifully trimmed fairways lined with cairns. For those not in the know, a cairn is a pile of rocks that is so stacked to be unnatural and artistic. While I was accustomed to surprise artistic structures on this course (there’s a mosaic made of beer bottlecaps, and a bottle-festooned tree), for some reason I was unprepared for the sight that awaited me on the 18th hole. It made for a fun last hole. Continue Reading →

Genitals In The Wild: Penis Fence

Ah, the penis fence. Someone snuck me into their workplace so I could observe it in its natural habitat. I especially like how the shadow of the penis fence doubles the image. I could imagine sipping coffee on that deck, lazily watching the penis fence’s shadow extend with the sun’s passage. Also, I just like typing penis fence. Continue Reading →

Genitals in the Wild: Phallic “Face Roller”

I discovered this suggestive gem while perusing the toiletries aisle at Daiso last weekend. Not only does this facial massager totally look like a penis with balls, but it specifies in the top right hand corner that it’s the “hard type.” Needless to say, I was mighty amused and felt compelled to share this with MSP’s readers. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor, or follow the author of this post @katecom. Continue Reading →