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Celebrating My Birthday With Vulva Cupcakes

To celebrate my recent birthday, I hosted a make-your-own vulva cupcake party. I’ve seen various versions of vulva cupcakes on the internet (including this youtube video which frustratingly calls them ‘vagina cupcakes’) and was inspired to get some sex-positive friends together to make our own versions. My sex educator friends were especially keen on the idea of celebrating vulvas in culinary form. A generous friend made us red velvet cupcakes, pink and brown fondant (for the labia), and dyed shredded coconut (for pubic hair) in advance. On the day of the party, my guests assembled their own unique cupcakes (or ‘cuntcakes,’ if you prefer), complete with pomegranate seed clits, silver cachous (for piercings), and rainbow sprinkles (for whimsy). Continue Reading →

Vulvae: To Each Their Own

I recently came across this amazing blog, called The [Online] Vulva Book. It’s a fantastic site dedicated to showing the beautiful variety in vulvae across the world. Women are often super self-conscious about the appearance of their vulvae, as the images portrayed in pornography and the media often depict genitals as neatly packed little bundles of joy. The truth is, every vulva is different, and in my opinion, beautiful. Continue Reading →