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The Power Of Words

Living in a town with nearly 40-thousand college students, I often am asked what my field of study is, so I often find myself repeating the same response, “I’m a journalism major and my second concentration is in gender studies.” And then (after explaining what a second concentration is) almost nine times out of ten I hear the same follow-up question, “Well… What are you going to do with that?” Continue Reading →

Candy Magazine Does It Again! Crossdressing James Franco

As if I wasn’t already interested enough in what Candy Magazine was up to (not to say anything about how interested I was in what James Franco was up to), the cover of the Fall/Winter edition of the magazine has a heavily made-up and 80s power-suited Franco, a photograph shot by the known fashion and celebrity photographer Terry Richardson. Franco has made buzzworthy news recently, after discussing his sexuality with The Advocate in an issue of which he also appeared on the cover; he’s also engaged in some other “questionable” public events, such as the french kiss with Adam Lambert on SNL following his role as a gay youth in the gay activist film Milk. Continue Reading →