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Mr. Fix-It: Emotional Communication Across Gender Lines

“My emotional state is not a piece of IKEA furniture.” I found myself saying this to my partner the other night. I was working on a stressful project, hadn’t been feeling well, and was jumping through some annoying bureaucratic hoops at my university. I wanted to talk about my frustrating feelings and my partner wanted to help “fix” them. I’m now laughing at what a ridiculous gender cliché this is. Continue Reading →

Making A Spectacle Of Women In Politics

I chose not to have a picture for this post – read on to find out why! Women in politics face many challenges, not least of which is how they negotiate their representations in the public eye. One of the particular problems I’ve noticed is that aspects of women’s identities, ranging from how they dress to how they comport themselves sexually, are frequently focused upon by the media in ways that are much more critical than the focus on men. Continue Reading →

Why Calling Someone Out On Sexist Language Might Actually Work

Okay, by “someone” I meant “men,” but they were the subjects of a recent scientific study in which college-aged males were confronted on their use of sexist language. After being accused of using sexist language by a female conversation partner, many men went on to display compensatory social behaviors that indicated increasingly cordial feelings with their female conversation partners. These results are admittedly preliminary, but encouraging given the high incidence of sexual harassment in the workplace, as well as the prevalence of unintended, unconscious sexism in language and attitudes (among both men and women, to be fair). Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →

Marriage Proposals Under Pressure

During my first trip to Sydney, I got to check one off the bucket list when I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. They give you these jumpsuits to wear, complete with a utility belt and mechanical ball that connects you the entire trip to thick metal rope that goes all the way up the bridge. The guide instructs you on how to use these things and the whole group linked together for about 3 hours. Continue Reading →

Morehouse College Dress Code Prohibits Men From Wearing Dresses

I had a elementary school teacher in the 1980s who would share stories of how she and her teaching colleagues, in the 70s, would wear pants to work in protest of the school’s dress code. They would be sent home to change out of their pants before they could return to work. As much as women have made strides in the types of clothes that they can wear to work and in public spaces, men’s choices have not expanded to the same degree. Continue Reading →

Gender neutral bathrooms on college campuses – and maybe at work?

This evening, our fabulous graduate intern at Kinsey Confidential (Natalie) and I did not one but TWO dorm sex education programs. When we arrived at our second, I went in search of the women’s restrooms only to find that the dorm had a “gender neutral restroom” off the lobby. Thrilled, I pointed it out to Natalie and then promptly took a picture. Gender neutral restrooms/bathrooms are helpful for several reasons. First, they are welcoming to people regardless of their gender. Less obvious to some people, however, is that this means ALL genders – not just male/female. Continue Reading →