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The Power Of Words

Living in a town with nearly 40-thousand college students, I often am asked what my field of study is, so I often find myself repeating the same response, “I’m a journalism major and my second concentration is in gender studies.” And then (after explaining what a second concentration is) almost nine times out of ten I hear the same follow-up question, “Well… What are you going to do with that?” Continue Reading →

Introducing New MSP Blogger: Michaela

Well hello there! My name is Michaela, and now that it’s all official, I’m very excited to say it: I am a new MSP Blogger! A little bit about my path as a sex-educator: I am currently a sophomore at a lovely women’s college in Massachusetts, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Gender Studies. Hopefully this particular cocktail of social sciences will propel me onto the career path that I’m bent on taking, which is becoming a sex therapist. I believe that sex education and sex therapy is absolutely my calling in life, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be on this path. Continue Reading →

Introducing New MSP Blogger: Jeana Jorgensen

Hi all! I’m Jeana (pronounced like Jean-a or Gina for the curious), and I’m thrilled to be part of the MSP blogging team. I’m a Ph.D. candidate in Folklore and Gender Studies at Indiana University, and I’m currently working on my dissertation on gender and the body in European fairy tales (don’t worry, you’ll hear a lot about it as I write the thing!). I got my BA in Interdisciplinary Studies (with an emphasis on narrative folklore) at UC Berkeley. Continue Reading →