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Peaceful Pee

This is a first, at least in my experience – not only have I found a gender neutral bathroom but it’s also sponsored! I’m at the Center for Family Life Education’s annual Sex Ed Conference, and attendees have the option of bucking the gender binary and using the gender neutral restroom sponsored by Pee in Peace. Pee in Peace is an app that helps users locate gender neutral bathrooms, although it unfortunately is only for Ithaca, NY. I’m hoping that more gender neutral bathrooms will start popping up – and maybe with enough attention, Pee in Peace will expand to nationwide. Any thoughts on sponsoring bathrooms? Continue Reading →

The G-Spot, The P-Spot: Sex Toys for Multiple Purposes and Genders

I’m all about being inclusive with sexuality, both inside and outside of the bedroom. And nothing is more sexually inclusive, or economically practical, than being able to use your sex toys for different purposes on different bodies. So I’ve compiled a list of toys that can be used both vaginally as well as anally for sexual stimulation: with some boiling in between, of course! Since the g-spot and the prostate are located approximately one to three and two to three inches in towards the belly button inside the vaginal and anal canals respectively, they each respond well to toys with a slight curvature in them in order to apply pressure to the area. An additional bonus with prostate toys is that regular stimulation of the prostate, leading to the excretion of seminal fluid and often, intense orgasms, can promote prostate health. Continue Reading →