Gender Bending

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Cross-Dressing Couples

“Switcheroo” is the name of clever project a Canadian photographer, Sincerely Hanna, snapped of mostly heterosexual couples in their regular clothing and having switched outfits. The result is both amusing and thought-provoking. Many of the photos show, for instance, that even when women aren’t wearing skin-tight clothing or really short skirts, their clothes will look that way on their male partners! Go gender bending! Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Continue Reading →

Acne Plays with Gender in Their Recent Collection

Swedish fashion label Acne (which stands for “Ambition to Create Novel Expressions”) has teamed up with Madrid-based transgender fashion magazine Candy to release a line of crepe silk and denim button down shirts designed to play with proportion and size, queering the line between men’s and women’s shirts. In a interview with, Acne founder described his collaboration with Candy’s publisher and editor in chief, Luis Venegas, as a perfect match:

“I’m in this business to have fun and to enjoy myself, and I feel that Luis is too. This collection touches on ideas I have always played with when designing for Acne, the tension between male and female and what happens when you shift things around a bit.” Continue Reading →