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Everything I Know About Sex I Learned From Star Trek

A few years ago, I heard the best pick-up line I’ve ever heard uttered in real life. Some friends and I were paying nerd homage at Quark’s Bar in the Start Trek Experience in Vegas and we overheard a woman trying to chat up a man on the other end of the bar. In a sexy, low voice (and in all seriousness), she purred, “So… Do you speak Klingon?” I laughed so hard, my Risa Colada nearly went out my nose. Still, I had endless respect for the incredible geekiness we were witnessing, and it warmed my heart to see people find such compatibility. Continue Reading →

GameCrush: Online Playdates For Lonely Gamers

A look at the demographics of the website GameCrush reveals that there is still a large gender disparity in gaming. Users of the site can pay to play games via webcam with “playdates,” most of whom are female, in games ranging from board games to first-person shooters. This report emphasizes the interactive nature of the site, stating that paying to game with a hot girl is not unlike buying her a drink at a bar–simply a way to introduce oneself and ask for her company for a little while. Sex-chatting and raunchiness are apparently discouraged and could get one booted from the site. Continue Reading →

Bookworm Lust And Ray Bradbury (NSFW video)

“Staying in to read” takes on a whole new meaning in this amusing and very sexed-up tribute to science fiction author Ray Bradbury. I appreciate the message that reading is sexy, and I’m intrigued by the singer’s use of book as masturbation tool. However, it seems like the video might be packaging geek culture in sexy mainstream drag, rather than affirming that bookworms and nerds can be sexy on their own terms.

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