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Femmes Holding Animals

Femmes couldn’t let the butches have all the fun so a Femmes Holding Animals Tumblr was recently started to host pics of sexy femmes holding their adorable pets. There aren’t many contributions yet, but hopefully this blog will take off with the same enthusiasm that Butches With Cute Animals has. So go check it out and submit your pics. After all, is there a better way to brighten one’s day? Follow us on twitter @mysexprofessor. Continue Reading →

Defining Femme Style: An Interview with Johnny Blazes

In the past, the dynamic of “butch/femme” aesthetics amongst queer women has been met with a mixture of negative responses. Some argue that these terms have only served to reinforce gendered standards of behavior (i.e., one partner must be “masculine,” while the other must be “feminine”). Others argue that butch/femme identities only mirror mainstream culture and negate the queer experience. Still more would suggest that when one dresses femme, they deny their involvement with the queer community by “passing as straight.” Yet more recently, “femme” identity has experienced a resurgence as both a political term as well as personal identification, in the form of a social reclaiming. Continue Reading →