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Not Get That Raise You Were After? Maybe You’re Not So Fresh

A recent post on the Daily Kos caught my attention; it featured a Summer’s Eve ad from Woman’s Day magazine that suggested that, in order to get a raise, women ought to try using a feminine hygiene product. As a feminist, I’m already a little annoyed that on average I don’t make the same salary as my male counterparts, but now I have some company implying that using a “feminine wash” will help give me that confidence to talk to my boss? I get that Summer’s Eve wants to sell their products and make money, but this is going a little too far for my personal liking. I’m glad that there are blogs out there that are bringing advertisements like this to my attention (as well as including e-mail addresses for readers to share what’s on their mind with not just Summer’s Eve, but also Woman’s Day magazine which featured this advertisement). Ad image from the Daily Kos. Continue Reading →