Female Orgasm

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Faces of Ecstasy: Orgasm as Art

As a sex educator and therapist, as well as a performing artist, I am always interested in artistic depictions of sex and sexuality. In my explorations, I’ve found two art projects that explore a similar theme: the depiction of orgasm as a meditation on art and culture. I know this sounds like all artsy pornography that’s ever been produced. However, these two artists have come up with a way of exploring the art of orgasm in a new way: without nudity or visible penetration. First, there’s Beautiful Agony (NSFW). Continue Reading →

Thoughts On Female Orgasm

The female orgasm has been receiving more attention by scientists lately; not just sexuality scholars and therapists who are interested in helping women achieve orgasms, but also researchers curious about the evolution of the female orgasm. In contrast to the male orgasm, which is easily explained by its purpose in facilitating reproduction, the female orgasm can seem downright perplexing. This blog post by Greg Laden explains the dilemma rather well:

It is essential that males have orgasms or there would be no reproduction. Therefore there is male orgasm-related physiology. Just as males accidentally have female nipples because of a quirk of developmental biology, the theory went, females accidentally have some left over bits of orgasm-making machinery in their bodies so we end up with the occasional and largely unexpected female orgasm. Continue Reading →