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Ladies, What’s So Scary About Masturbation?

I noticed a specific link being passed around on Twitter this afternoon, and after reading a tweet referring to a parallel between ‘using Twitter and how frequent one masturbates’ - my curiosity got the best of me. 

The link redirects to an article on Okcupid.com which has 10 really interesting charts pertaining to sex, masturbation, body image, etc — where all the data collected for the graphics were obtained from OkCupid users. While I was skimming through these charts (and yes, there really was one about masturbating and Twitter usage!), the one I found most interesting was a graph which displayed graphics about female/male masturbation habits. The image shows the ratio (male-female) of individuals who claim that they have never masturbated – and then the information was further broken down into seven religious categories (see image). Out of the seven categories, the graph shows that both men and women who are Jewish scored the highest when it comes to anti-hands on fun; yet I suppose what bothers me the most about this graph is – in every category women always rank higher than men (in terms of claiming that they have never masturbated). 

[Check out the link above in order to see the other religions included in the study.]
So here is where I am curious to get some MSP-viewer feedback, ladies – what’s the deal? Do you think women are being genuinely honest when they claim they have never masturbated? Continue Reading →