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Linking Fellatio and Cancer Risk: Sex Science Or Satire?

This “study” claims to have found that heterosexual men fellated by gay men had a lower risk of prostate and testicular cancer… or did they? Follow the link for an entertaining, but untrue, account of this research. Some people, when coming across the study, spread it across the internet as it if were true. Some clues to the study’s phoniness include the head researcher’s claim to be a test subject himself, the made-up term “innate body resonance,” and the study’s tangled sense of causality–not to mention how difficult it would be to get a university board to approve and then fund the study! (Or how difficult or unethical it would be to recruit a bunch of men to receive oral sex from other men who may be strangers to them.) These are just a few things to keep in mind if you want to critically read and evaluate the claims of sex research for yourself. Continue Reading →

What’s The Best Way To Perform Oral Sex?

Sex Myth #2,410: There’s a “right” way to perform oral sex. Hundreds, if not thousands, of times women and men have asked me for the Secret to Performing Amazing Oral Sex. I have also heard from hundreds of women and men who have told me that their partner doesn’t know how to perform oral sex or is “bad” at oral sex. In all of these cases, the myth seems to have unfortunately stifled the truth. Continue Reading →

Oral Sex Tip #3: What’s the best way to perform oral sex?

Tip #3 for Yummifying Oral Sex: Make it your own. In the past two posts about making oral sex more fun and enjoyable, we’ve focused on the power of the mind and the tastebuds. This week, it’s all about self-confidence and decision making. When it comes to oral sex, one of the key ways to make it more pleasurable is to engage in oral sex that feels right to you. In other words, do it the way that YOU want to do it – not how you’ve heard that your best friend or a magazine writer does it. Continue Reading →

How can you learn to perform oral sex on a guy without gagging?

Question: How can you learn to perform oral sex on a guy without gagging? Answer: While not all women and men who perform oral sex on men get to The Point of No Gagging, many people find that there is some room for improvement. Fellatio (oral sex performed on a man) can often become less gag-inducing over time. How so? Well, some people simply find that – as with many things – fellatio becomes easier with practice. Continue Reading →