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Sex Toys to Avoid: For Novelty Use Only

Americans are used to having all of their products regulated. Food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, cars, children’s toys, etc. Everything is tested and tested again and if there ends up being a problem there is a recall. The items that may effect people in negative ways usually come with warnings “do not operate heavy machinery,” “may cause cancer,” “keep out of reach of children.” Have you ever looked at what it says on the vast majority of sex toy boxes? Continue Reading →

Big News: FDA Approves 5 Day Emergency Contraceptive “ella”

Yesterday evening, the NY Times reported that the FDA has approved the drug “ella” in the United States. Ella is an emergency contraceptive pill that has a longer window of effectiveness than Plan B and its generics, which are most effective within 3 days following unprotected sex. Ella is highly effective at preventing pregnancy – largely by delaying ovulation – for up to 5 days following unprotected sex. Continue Reading →