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Zombie Dildos and Vampire Vulvae

Fleshlight, one of the more well-known makers of male masturbation sleeves, has developed a line of fantasy-themed sex toys. Whether you’re into zombies (see image below), Frankenstein monsters, or vampires, Fleshlight’s ‘Freaks’ line has something for you. Each fantasy theme has a coordinating dildo and vulva-styled masturbation sleeve. Some of the highlights include bat wing-shaped labia for the vampire-themed sleeve, bright blue Avatar-esque alien genitals, and baseball-like stitching for the Frankenstein edition. Being the Trekkie that I am, I was particularly amused by the ‘Cyborg’ duo, as it reminded me of the scene in Star Trek: First Contact where the Borg Queen tries to seduce fellow-artificial-life-form Data. Continue Reading →

Why Getting Pregnant On TV Is A Bad Idea

And yes, obviously it’s a bad idea to get pregnant if you are on TV at the moment of conception… but what I want to talk about here is how when female characters on TV shows get pregnant, things tend to go badly for them, in ways that seem influenced by misogyny and a fear of women’s bodies. I just discovered a brilliant Youtube series called Tropes Vs. Women, about how TV and movie themes depict women in very stereotypical and sexist ways. My favorite so far is about “The Mystical Pregnancy,” which is when “writers use to create drama and terror by invading, violating and exploiting women’s reproductive capabilities.  Often these female characters have their ovaries harvested by aliens or serve as human incubators for demon spawn.  Sometimes they are carrying the Messiah and other times Satan himself.” Continue Reading →

Exploring Links Between Romance Novels And Porn

According to a Christian psychologist, romance novels can cause emotional addictions in women, leading to unbalanced behavior and losing touch with reality. Apparently, romance novels function for women just like porn functions for men, creating unrealistic fantasies that becoming addicting, while promoting dissatisfaction with one’s real relationships. Fans of the romance genre are protesting this view as one-sided, claiming that romance novels validate women’s emotional experiences and provide imaginative ways for women to explore what different kinds of relationships might be like. The fans, along with Salon writer Tracy Clark-Flory, assert that readers of romances are, indeed, intelligent enough to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Like any other literary or film genre, romances contain stock plots and stereotyped characters; and, like any other genre, there is a pretty obvious line where the stories depart from reality. Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch is a film you will either love or hate. It has polarized viewers and started lengthy debates about the ways in which sex and sexiness are portrayed and, perhaps, manipulated. As far as I can tell, there are valid reasons to both laud and loathe the film, depending on one’s sexual politics. Below the cut, I will discuss how the film handles some very important sexual issues—but be warned, spoilers lie ahead! Continue Reading →