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Family Meals As Relationship Maintenance

I wrote in an earlier post, Love At The Dinner Table, about how food underlies many of our formative emotional experiences, ranging from family interactions to occasions with lovers. This was mostly based on my intuition and my life experiences as a child of foodies. Now, research from Indiana University backs up this claim, as studies have demonstrated that “Family meal time has been shown to help kids do better in school, makes them less likely to use alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, and results in less depression and lower levels of obesity.” The site linked above also gives tips for increasing face-to-face time at family meal events, ranging from scheduling ideas (if dinner doesn’t work, try brunch on the weekends) to interaction tips (such as asking for the highpoint of someone’s day and focusing on the positive rather than the negative). However, I have to disagree with the writer’s assessment that nowadays “the family meal is practically folklore” since folklore doesn’t automatically mean falsehood or old relic. Continue Reading →

Evolving American Attitudes Toward “Family”

Research by an Indiana University sociologist, Brian Powell, indicates that more Americans feel that gay couples count as “families” when they have children, and that more respondents counted pets as family than counted gay couples as family. This survey-based research, which has been ongoing for nearly a decade, reveals that the idea of the “family” can change quite rapidly, and is shifting to be more inclusive. Go check out the link for some fascinating statistics! Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →

MSP Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #2: A Facebook Profile

Just because this blog is called doesn’t mean that it is only about sex – it’s also about love and relationships, including those with your own parents and family. If, like me, you’ve found that you largely share information about and pictures from your life on Facebook, then perhaps it’s time you set up a Facebook profile for your mom, dad, grandparent or favorite aunt/uncle with whom you wished you kept closer ties with. With their permission, offer to set up a Facebook profile – even if it’s an ultra-private one with no profile picture or personal information shown to anyone (some people, especially those with less experience with the Internet, may feel particularly hesitant about social networking sites). Benefits of this gift are that:

- It’s free! – It’s easy to set up. Continue Reading →