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Body By Derby

For an interesting take on body image, check out The Rollergirl Project, with part one and part two, illustrating how female roller derby players train and treat their bodies. Aiming to show the physical effects of derby on the bodies of players for the Naptown Roller Girls of Indianapolis, this website documents their training regimens and how their bodies have changed over time. I was intrigued by the beautiful photos as well as the information that many of the women have actually gained weight while playing derby… by putting on lots and lots of muscle! Body image is often a highly individual thing, but I love the idea that getting stronger as part of a community can be an effective way for women to feel good about their bodies. Continue Reading →

Want Better Sex? Get Your Butt To The Gym!

It’s so wonderful to have such sex-positive friends and family members who constantly flood my Facebook

wall and email inbox with creative, MSP-worthy articles. Recently, a friend passed along this article on exercises for better sex. Although this is a pretty common topic in popular magazines, the article took a different spin than what I’m used to seeing. Usually articles like this mention exercises to strengthen your PC muscles, such as kegels. Or else they report on unusually fit individuals, such as a recent study that found enhanced clitoral blood flow among female athletes. Continue Reading →

Sex Does Great Things For Your Body

There’s so much to love about sex: the romance, the lust, the dirty talk, the ability to take on or cast off identities at your whimsy. But sex can also be a rewarding experience because of what it does to your body – and not just in the goosebump- or orgasm-inducing ways. Sex can be a terrific workout and it can also inspire people to get or stay in good shape. Sure, sex doesn’t typically burn as many calories as one might burn on the elliptical, but frenzied sex certainly burns more calories than sitting on the sofa watching Glee. And while sex isn’t likely to help you gain a great deal of lean muscle mass, you may find that certain acrobatic positions (the Wheelbarrow, anyone?) helps to pump up your arm muscles in ways you didn’t previously think sex was capable of. Continue Reading →

Gwyneth’s Iron Man 2 Body Starts Here (Video)

Gwyneth Paltrow credits Tracy Anderson for setting her up with a workout for Iron Man 2. So if you thought she looked like something sexy in IM2, check it out. If Robert Downey Jr’s body is more your thing, I read a very good interview with RDJ in Men’s Journal some time ago while at my hair dresser’s salon. Hint: it involves lots and lots of martial arts. Now, if you want to admire either of their bodies up close and personal, I can’t help you there. Continue Reading →

Back to School: 10 Sex Things College Students Might Do, Think About or Buy

Everyone seems to have an opinion about what college students should buy when they go back to school. And a lot of it sadly seems to have to do with promoting consumer behaviors rather than students’ well-being. As someone who has been teaching college students for about 6 years now – and whose work and teaching focuses on sex, love and relationships – I thought I might throw out a few ideas about 10 things college students might consider in this area. None of them involve buying pricey cars, laptops or shoes. Rather, my suggestions – which I think apply well to non-college students and older adults, too – are to: Continue Reading →