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Widener’s Careers in Sexuality Conference

As is the experience for most sex educators, people are frequently asking me “how did you get into this line of work?” I think that’s understandable since most high school career days don’t include my chosen profession. While many people enjoy talking about sex, far fewer actually want to make a career out of it and those few sometimes struggle to learn how exactly one becomes a professional sex educator. In my recent twitter feed, I came across a link to Widener University’s 5th Annual Careers in Sexuality Conference, which will be held on October 12th of this year. As the name suggests, this conference centers on how to build your career in sex ed. Continue Reading →

TEDx Bloomington This Weekend: Sex Talk by Debby!

This Saturday, I’ll be giving a talk about sex at TEDx Bloomington. It’s a very different kind of talk than I normally give and it’s early in the program. If you live in or near Bloomington, I hope you’ll come by to listen to me and the 20+ other speakers who include Charlie Todd (Improv Everywhere), Scoble, Arbutus Cunningham, Jeff Nelsen, Steve Volan, and many others (see the full lineup on the TEDx Bloomington web site). Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Continue Reading →

Next Week On Tyra: Me, Married Virgins, and Pregnancy and Sex

Next week you can find me on The Tyra Banks Show – On Tuesday, check out the “Married Virgins” episode (about couples who are unable to have intercourse) and on Wednesday check out the episode titled “All The Things Your Mama Never Told You: Pregnancy Edition”, on which I provide tips related to sex, conception and pregnancy. (Yes, that is me pictured above holding the sex position dolls). Check out the preview videos on Tyra’s web site. If you’re up for a trip down memory lane, check out my appearance on the Tyra Show from last year when we discussed the parts of the vulva using my treasured Wondrous Vulva Puppet (click here for more info or click here to watch the puppet clip on YouTube; it remains one of the most-viewed Tyra video clips ever. Yay for vulva love!). Continue Reading →

I am a Sex Worker Public Service Announcement

Thanks to Audacia Ray for turning me on to this video via Twitter (follow me here on Twitter). Regular MSP readers may recall a sex worker rights rally that I stumbled upon in Washington DC this winter (CLICK HERE to read more or to see photos). A few dozen self-identified prostitutes/sex workers and their supporters took to the streets to advocate for rights – the right to work as a sex worker, the ability to pay taxes based on their income and to file claims against those clients who abuse them or are violent toward them. Continue Reading →

Booty Bites sex themed cookies

This week I’ve had the chance to attend the International Lingerie Association exhibit in Las Vegas. In addition to lingerie manufacturers, many sex toy, lubricant and other erotic-related businesses exhibit there and you can be certain I’ll fill you in on more of them in the coming weeks. In the mean time, I wanted to tell you about Booty Bites, a company that makes absolutely stunning (and tasty!) sex-themed cookies shaped like penises, vulvas, breasts and more. Some have cheeky sayings (they gave me a red, white and blue frosted penis cookie with the phrase ‘red, white and in you’ written on it) and others are saucily drawn. For example, there are cookies in the shape of breasts with frosted nipple piercings as well as GLBT themed penis cookies, ghosts and snowmen with genitals drawn on them and more. Continue Reading →

Chicago Tonight and General Sex Round Up

If you’re in Chicago tonight, make sure to come out for the 2nd – and last – performance of Literally Sexy 2: Because It Feels Good, a fun, sexy, smart, entertaining, musical (need I say more) sex variety show that I’m a part of. Doors open at 9:30pm so you can enjoy (affordable) drinks before the show starts at 10:30pm. It’s at Victory Gardens Biograph theatre. Tickets are $20 or $15 with the code word “JUICE” – learn more here. In this week’s In&Out column, I responded to questions from a guy dealing with noisy-sex neighbors, a woman who is avoiding sex for fear of getting herpes, and a woman whose girlfriend cheats with other men which now makes her fantasize about having sex with other men. Continue Reading →

Literally Sexy 2 at Victory Gardens

If you live in or around Chicago, or you will be there this weekend, come to Victory Gardens theatre this Friday night for an amazing sex-themed variety show, Literally Sexy 2: Because It Feels Good (named after my upcoming book). I will be participating in it again this year given how much fun I had on stage at last year’s event (it was sexy, funny, smart, engaging…and just wow). The show starts at 10:30pm but come as early as 9:30pm to have drinks and check out the sex toys in the lobby area…. plus you’ll want to claim a seat early. Last year it was a full house! Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood Fundraiser in Chicago

Last week I emceed the Freedom Friday fundraiser for Planned Parenthood of Illinois (you can see one other photo here). The event photographer was kind enough to email me a few photos but as I don’t have any others of the event these are all I can share. If anyone finds other event photos online, please send them to me and I will pass on! The event co-chairs, Betsy Lehman Levisay and Jenny Friedes, were so well-spoken in their promotion of the quality of work that Planned Parenthood of Illinois does and I was enormously proud to be part of such an event. I was also happy to hear Steve Trombley and Julie Gold (“Mid” Lifetime Achievement Award recipient who was honored) speak about their passion for women’s reproductive health rights and the ongoing work of Planned Parenthood. Continue Reading →

Sex events at Babeland Seattle and NYC

This just in! I’ve recently learned of these sex events happening at Babeland in Seattle and in NYC – read below for more info or visit Babeland’s web site. Seattle: 707 E. Pike St
Sensual Massage for Couples
Saturday, February 28, 2:15PM, $60/couple
Learn how touch, massage and imagination can awaken the connection between erotic energy and spirituality. Join David Longmire, SI, trained by the Body Electric School, in this introductory class combining touch, massage, verbal communication, non-verbal communication and experiential rituals to deepen our sensual exploration. Come with an open mind and an open heart. Continue Reading →