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Choose Your Own Erotica

A while ago I posted a recommendation for an erotica site called Adventurotica. Now those same authors are doing something neat: they’re crowd-sourcing their newest novel, The Golden Mask, through Indiegogo (along the same lines as a Kickstarter). The really cool thing is that funders can request their own erotic scenes in the novel. Customized sex scenes – why not? I think it’s awesome that consumers can not only fund independently written erotica, but also have a say in how they want it to go. Continue Reading →

Erotica: Recommendations and Ruminations

In my quest to research and read more about all aspects of sexuality–and also find some good, entertaining erotica to read–I’m happy to have found a site called Adventurotica, which features not only erotic fiction but also essays about various sexual topics. While as a scholar I’ll read darn near anything out of curiosity or to analyze its social relevance, as a sex-positive feminist I am deeply concerned with how the fiction I read presents sexuality: is sex something that just happens to women, something that women actively pursue, or what? I’m pleased with how the authors at Adventurotica represent women’s desire (and men’s, too!) as fluid and something to be explored and enjoyed. Ranging from short stories to serialized novels, from vanilla sex to increasingly kinky scenes, the fiction is overall fun, and well-written too (thank goodness, since I can’t get into a story if it’s poorly written!). So while the fiction is neat, I also really dig the analytical essays, for instance, this one on the difference between erotica and porn (hint: it’s more subjective than you think!). Continue Reading →

Can Educators Write Erotica?

A high school English teacher has been outed as a romance novelist, leading parents to question whether she’s fit to teach their children. The teacher writes under a pen name, and had not received complaints about the appropriateness of her teaching before someone recognized her from her writing publicity photos. This raises the question: is it appropriate for an educator to also be involved in a profession that involves thinking and writing about sex? One parent complained: “Now my son knows so how is he thinking when he’s sitting in her class knowing what she does on the side.” This isn’t the first situation of its kind: in an earlier MSP post on sex work and academia, I discussed standards of appropriateness specific to the educational workplace. Continue Reading →

MSP Sex Q&A: Where can I find porn for couples or women?

Question: I’m one of those rare women who LIKES PORN! Now, uh, where can I find some (and please don’t say those sleazy adult bookstores crawling with men) that I can watch with my husband, or by myself when he’s traveling for work? Answer: Although few women have been raised with the sense that it’s okay for women to like porn, the fact is that some do. Some women like watching porn alone, such as to up their arousal or to ease orgasm during masturbation, and other women enjoy watching porn with a partner. One site,, is sort of a clearinghouse of woman-oriented porn sites and resources. Continue Reading →