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MSP Q&A: Why can’t I stay hard during sex? What causes erection problems?

Recently on Yahoo Questions, a 16 year old boy wrote in to ask why he was having erection problems (specifically, why he was having trouble staying hard, once he already had an erection) during sex. It’s unfortunate, but some people were writing in to tell him to take Viagra or that he had an STD. This was my response:

Even though men don’t always talk openly about erection problems, it is actually very common among men of all ages (yes, even 16 year olds) to have occasional erection problems. Unfortunately, sometimes when a guy has one or two erection problems, he starts to get nervous and wonder if – thanks to all the Viagra/Cialis/Levitra ads – he has “erectile dysfunction.” The reality is that most of the time, when young men in their teens, 20s and 30s, the cause is usually psychological rather than physical. That doesn’t mean that you’re crazy; rather it may mean that you are stressing yourself out trying to be a good, pleasing partner; that you are worried or anxious that you’ll be able to get or keep an erection; or it may mean that you’re having sex just because you have the opportunity but not because you’re really “into” your partner. Continue Reading →