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Premature Ejaculation: Men’s Ejaculatory Control Rarely Comes Naturally.

For many women – heck, most women at some point in their lives – learning to orgasm is an uphill climb. In fact, because consistent “Look, ma, no hands!” orgasms during intercourse are not exactly par for most women’s courses, women frequently share tips with each other about how to more easily orgasm using vibrators, finger stimulation, or cunnilingus. Imagine, then, for a moment being able to orgasm more easily. And then imagine being able to orgasm very, very easily. Continue Reading →

Pretending to Orgasm: Men Fake Too

A few years ago, I attended a conference at which University of Kansas professor Dr. Charlene Muehlenhard presented data regarding men who fake (or as she put it, “pretend”) to have an orgasm during various types of sex with a partner. Often women are characterized as the gender that pretends to orgasm when, in fact, men may pretend to orgasm, too. Continue Reading →

Enough pre-ejaculate (pre cum) to soak through clothes

Men vary in the amount of pre-ejaculate (precum) that they produce. Some seem to make very little and it may or may not visibly release from a man’s urethra at the tip of his penis when he’s feeling sexually aroused. Other men definitely notice a fair amount of pre-ejaculate and it’s not unusual for a man’s pre-ejaculate to soak through his underwear. However, it’s less common for men to produce so much pre-ejaculate that it soaks through several layers of clothing. And yet, in my 10+ years of working as a sexuality educator and researcher, I’ve spoken with several men who emit so much pre-ejaculate during sexual arousal that they may wear extra layers or underwear or clothing to prevent their dates from noticing their “wetness.” Continue Reading →