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Pre-cum and Pregnancy: What You Must Know

Many men and women wonder whether pre-ejaculate (commonly known as pre-cum) can cause pregnancy if a man’s pre-ejaculate gets near or inside a woman’s vagina during sex without a condom. The answer? Usually not but, in some cases, maybe. Here’s why:

1. Pre-ejaculate is composed of fluid made by the Cowper glands, two small glands inside the body toward the base of a man’s penis (and possibly some other small glands contribute to this fluid, too). Continue Reading →

Men have less semen when they ejaculate as they get older

Recently I was teaching at a college dorm program and a guy made a comment about how men’s orgasms are “like shot guns” and have this one big powerful thrust whereas women’s, he said, are more like semi-automatics and keep going. This is kind of a Vagina Monologues reference (to paraphrase the line “who needs a handgun when you’ve got a semi-automatic” about vibrators) but it also reflects a more general idea that many people have about men’s and women’s orgasms.
There is much I could write about on this topic and we’ll get to more of the complexities (and the basics, too) on other days. For now, however, let me say this: though many young men find that they can hit the ceiling with their ejaculate or may even have to use the “hand shield” move to keep semen from flying into their partner’s face if they are coming on the partner’s stomach, with age comes the Dribble Factor for many men. As in, there tends to be less thrust and more “gentle spillage” or dribble of semen from the urethra. This is a common experience with aging and many men in their forties and fifties  notice some change in the thrust of their ejaculate. Continue Reading →