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Sex Toy Shopping Tip #4: Sex toys you can use with a partner

This article is Part 4 of a four-part series related to shopping for sex toys, such as vibrators. Make sure to read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 as well. Tip #4: Consider your partner. Not everyone who is interested in sex toys has a partner. And not everyone who has a partner, and who is interested in sex toys, wants to use their sex toy with their partner. Continue Reading →

Vibrator Review #3: We-Vibe Sex Toy for Couples

If you’re a regular MSP reader, you may remember that I posted a review of the We-Vibe sex toy for couples earlier this summer. Then several days ago, I posted another review of the We-Vibe that was sent to me by one of the lucky MSP readers who tried it out with her partner. Here is yet another review (btw, if you would like to share reviews or comments of any sex toys that you’ve used – we-vibe or not – send them to me; I’d love to read them and post anonymously). To learn more about the We-Vibe, visit their web site or buy one through Babeland (their North American distributor). Here goes:
I like the wevibe but some positions work better than others. Continue Reading →

Review #2 of the We-Vibe Couples Sex Toy

You may remember that several months ago I posted an overall review of the We-Vibe couples sex toy. Well, Babeland (the exclusive North American distributor of the We-Vibe) was kind enough to share a few extras with me so that I could give them to various couples and learn more about how women and men feel about the We-Vibe. Curious? I was too. Here is one review… Continue Reading →