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2 Condoms Are Not Better Than 1

I was walking through a building on my campus recently when I saw this:

The first thing I noticed from a distance was the statement “2 CONDOMS ARE BETTER THAN 1″ and immediately had a negative reaction to the sign. I then looked more closely at the rest of it to find out what it was about and noticed that the statement was under the much smaller heading “MYTH”. Continue Reading →

Scented Condoms, Without The Yummy Flavor

It’s unusual for someone I know to come up with something in the contraceptive world that I haven’t heard of, so when my best friend sent me a picture of what appeared to be scented condoms I was intrigued. Unfortunately, the internet was not particularly forthcoming with information about the particular condoms in the photo. So I’m still not precisely sure if these are scented and flavored or merely scented. For other brands of condoms, it seems that scented condoms also have a flavoring of some sort and are typically brightly colored. It also seems that tropical fruit scents and flavors are more common than other scents though I have seen references to coffee scented and durian scented ones. Continue Reading →

An Anti-Rape Device?

Earlier this summer – around World Cup time – CNN reported on a South African doctor’s invention of a so-called “anti-rape device” – Rape aXe – that can be worn inside of a woman’s vagina. I am all for preventing sexual assaults whenever possible and also empowering women, however while I think that Dr. Sonnet Ehlers, inventor of Rape-aXe, had best intentions there are many problems with her invention. Rape-aXe is a fairly inexpensive product designed to be worn inside of the female to help stop sexual assault by having “teeth” on it. However, sexual assault is less about the actual act of sex and more about control. I see several possible problems with this device. Continue Reading →

The Great American Condom Campaign

It’s that time of year again which means school is back in session for most college kids. And with STI rates on the rise amongst the youth of America it is more important than ever to make condoms easily available. Every year The Great American Condom Campaign (GACC) provides 1,000,000 Trojan brand condoms to college students around the country. Applications are open to be one of the 2,000 Safe Sites that receives and distributes these condoms. Read about the program and apply here. But hurry because applications close September 6th! Continue Reading →

What to do when a condom breaks

Most of the time sex runs relatively smoothly, but every now and then a sex crisis occurs that makes it necessary for you to drop everything and fix it ASAP. Here’s how. Sex Crisis #1: The Condom Breaks

Although condoms rarely break or slip off, sometimes you and your partner may end up on the wrong end of bad luck. How did it happen? Maybe you forgot to check the expiration date and you used a condom from your secret high school stash. Continue Reading →

Is pulling out (withdrawal) as effective as condoms?

Already today I’ve heard from a few people who have questions about a study recently published in the journal Contraception that suggests that pulling out (the withdrawal method of birth control) rivals condoms in terms of effectiveness in reducing pregnancy risk. Before you accept that as a take-home message, though, let me share my thoughts about the study’s findings and how it applies to what people need to know about their sexual and reproductive health choices: Continue Reading →

Thinking With Your Dick #5: Jizzed in Your Pants

I’m sorry for falling off track and not posting any Thinking With Your Dick entries in months… Here is a recent conversation, with more to follow in the coming weeks. (For those of you who are new to MSP or to Thinking With Your Dick, you can catch up in the archives here). Debby: Have you seen the new SNL Jizzed in my Pants video? Thoughts? Continue Reading →