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Condoms, Anyone?

Earlier this week, I overheard a rather disappointing conversation as I was sitting in the waiting room of my gynecologist’s office. It went something like this: A young woman—I’d say, early twenties—enters the waiting room to discuss an issue she has with the secretary. The twenty-something is extremely upset because—due to changes in her health insurance—she’s no longer going to be able to receive the NuvaRing (for free, I assume?), and now has to switch to an alternate form of birth control that will now cost her upwards of $50 a month. As the secretary was trying to calm her down, she was mentioning cheaper forms of protection. And when she brought up condoms, the younger woman cut her off and said she’s looking for “protection that will actually work.”

Sigh. Continue Reading →

Condoms Don’t Ruin Sex

I’m not getting paid by the condom industry to write this, I assure you. But when I see a webpage titled How Condoms Ruin Sex, my first reaction is surprise and my second reaction is outrage. Why on earth would someone attack a form of birth control that’s been shown to reduce the transmission of HIV and other STIs? For women who do not wish to be on hormonal birth control, condoms (when used consistently and properly) are helpful in preventing unwanted pregnancies. Sure, there are valid reasons for people to choose not to use condoms, but as a sex-positive feminist, I really have to say that those should be personal choices, not decisions mandated by a website with a thinly-veiled religious agenda (and let’s keep in mind that many religious women use birth control too). Continue Reading →

2 Condoms Are Not Better Than 1

I was walking through a building on my campus recently when I saw this:

The first thing I noticed from a distance was the statement “2 CONDOMS ARE BETTER THAN 1″ and immediately had a negative reaction to the sign. I then looked more closely at the rest of it to find out what it was about and noticed that the statement was under the much smaller heading “MYTH”. Continue Reading →

Anne Rice Supports Same Sex Marriage Rights, Leaves Catholic Church.

I’ve never read any of Anne Rice’s work. My only connection at all to her work is that, when I was in college, I babysat the children of this terrific couple. One time, the dad surprised the mom with a surprise trip to New Orleans for some type of Anne Rice dinner (she was a fan of her work). And now, I’m feeling like Anne Rice is all shades of awesome due to her decision to articulate why she left the Catholic Church, including certain positions they have taken against condom use as it relates to HIV, abortions even under life-saving circumstances for the mother, and same-sex marriage rights. I found the article on Jezebel, though apparently it’s from an interview she recently gave for ABC. Continue Reading →