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Gender-Bending Superheroes

Many Americans are coming to terms with the fact that their beloved superheroes are often portrayed in sexist and gender-specific ways. The results of this realization are amusing and subversive. For instance, a group of cosplayers attending San Diego Comic-Con cross-dressed as their favorite Justice League characters (click the link to check out the pictures, they’re great!). And there are drawings of male superheroes posed in the same pose as Wonder Woman (again, hilarious pics, check them out!). I’m in favor of playing with gender roles to illustrate their effects, and I’m glad that comic book fans are on board. Continue Reading →

Sex Talk: A Sexy Comic About Consent!

I was tickled when a friend forwarded me a link to Sex Talk: a comic about communication, consent, & gettin’ it on! Providing examples of informed consent and of negotiating different boundaries or levels of consent, the comic features people of all shapes, sizes, and colors, and even makes fun of Twilight. Go have a look (and a chuckle), and maybe you’ll be inspired to think about consent in new ways! We hope you’ll follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor and make friends with us on Facebook. Continue Reading →

Sex, Baseball & Pizza: Metaphors Are Confusing

One of my favorite webcomics, Girls With Slingshots, recently had a very entertaining strip .  I think it highlights the importance of establishing common definitions when talking about sex. In many cases, colloquial terminology about sex is intentionally vague because people are uncomfortable talking about it. This can unfortunately cause a lot of misunderstandings and leave all members of the conversation confused about what actually happened. Continue Reading →

Dinosaurs And Puns

For those of you who like dinosaurs and clever comics starring them, I highly recommend Dinosaur Comics (aptly named I would say). I was particularly amused with the September 1st comic.  Prepare yourself for some epic sex-related punning. Continue Reading →

Comic-Clone: More Romantic Than Comic-Con Could Ever Hope To Be

I have a wonderful, dear friend named Rama. And Rama has a truly magical, beautiful and kind wife, Christine, who I am also fortunate to count as a friend. (If you are into art, you may know of them; sometimes I’ve met fans of theirs, which is pretty cool). Every year for the past 6 years, as Rama tells it on Illustration Friday, Christine has taken Rama to Comic-Con. Except this year. Continue Reading →