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Three Things You Must Know About Sex Toy Materials

Given the rapid increase in sex toy availability during the past decade, it’s perhaps no surprise that many women and men ask me questions about how to choose the right sex toy, especially when it comes to the materials that sex toys are made of. There are at least three issues that I’d recommend taking into consideration when considering sex toy materials:

1. Steer clear of sex toys made with phthalates – which usually means avoiding sex toys described as “Jelly” (these toys usually contains PVCs or phthalates, chemicals that some believe to be potentially toxic). Although Jelly toys tend to be more affordable, research suggests that they may not be good health choices – particularly during pregnancy. 2. ”Silicone based” toys are not the same as “medical grade silicone”. Toys made of medical grade silicone are less likely to contain potentially toxic chemicals (such as PVCs or phthalates) or potential allergens (such as latex, for those who are sensitive or allergic to latex). Continue Reading →