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Circumcision: To Snip, Or Not To Snip?

The question many parents ask themselves when they realize they’re having a baby boy: to cut, or not to cut, that is the question. [Well – maybe they don't ask it in Shakespeare-dialect, but you get the picture.]

Yet findings from a recent study may help in swaying some decisions. I recently read an article that was drawing a parallel between circumcision and a lower incidence of penile cancer. Research from the University of Sydney in Australia claims that penile cancer is higher in countries in which circumcision isn’t regularly practiced; and this could be due to the tightness of the foreskin, making it difficult to clean, thus resulting in inflammation (a common cause of penile cancer). According to the piece, another factor attributed to the link between cancer and uncircumcised men is the prevalence of HPV (which has been linked to about half of the uncommonly diagnosed penile cancer). Continue Reading →

Tonight at NYU: Surgeries In Search of Disorders

If you happen to live in NYC or are visiting, check out tonight’s talk at NYU’s Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality. Elizabeth Reis will be giving a talk titled “Surgeries in Search of Disorders: Intersex and Circumcision in American History.” Here are the details as described on the CSGS web site: Continue Reading →