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A Biblical Perspective On Abortion

Abortion is a tricky issue, resonating with people on multiple levels (personal, religious, political, among others) and I feel that I should state that in this post I’m not trying to convince someone to think differently here, or come over to my view (which is pro-choice if only because I’m hesitant about people without wombs making decisions for people with wombs, and because I believe that abortion needs to be safely available as part of the effort to provide social equity and begin to fix the socio-economic-educational problems that lead to unwanted babies in the first place). However, I recently discovered that the Bible does not necessarily unilaterally condemn abortion, so I thought I would share some of that information here in case others find it as thought-provoking as I did. I followed a link (I forget from whom) to the site of a Christian blogger who provides close readings of Biblical passages. The first post, What the Bible Says About Abortion, discusses a passage in Numbers wherein God tells Moses that if a husband suspects his wife is pregnant with another man’s baby, they can perform a ritual that will cause the woman to abort. Whoa… Continue Reading →

Sex Round-Up Because I Have Too Many Open Tabs…

…and when I have too many open tabs, that means there are things I keep meaning to share with you, such as:

- A CNN article about how Christians might rethink sex [CNN]
- Photos from No Make-Up Week [RabbitWrite]
- When child images shock [Salon]
- Art of the Tease, an article about burlesque in Bloomington, Indiana [H-T; subscription required]
- An HPV flow chart [Salon]
- Wedding ideas and previously worn dresses [OnceWed]
- I love our ever-expanding collection of genitals in the wild photos here on MSP Continue Reading →