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Reflections On Coming Out

October 11th was National Coming Out Day, which was established after the 1987 March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. This celebration of identity is intended to promote equality, safety, and tolerance for all, regardless of sexual identity. People’s willingness to share their coming-out stories is a significant part of this movement. As someone who studies storytelling, I can tell you that stories are a powerful expression of the cultural and individual aspects of our identities. It makes sense that collecting coming-out stories would yield a great many insights about the commonalities of both oppression and acceptance. Continue Reading →

Women Who Do Not Choose Motherhood

Is motherhood mandatory for personhood? It kinda looks that way, according to the Jezebel article When Motherhood Never Happens. Social pressure is one of the problems with this phenomenon. The author notes: “Women are flooded with mommy propaganda, whether it be celebrity-oriented Unsolicited Uterus Updates and ‘baby weight’ progress stories or Facebook feeds filled with ultrasounds, baby bumps, infant photos, toddler videos and report cards.” If you’re a woman, it’s hard to escape the prevalence of motherhood stories, images, and marketing campaigns. Continue Reading →

Sparents, Childless By Choice, and Child Free: Problematic Framings of Women Without Children

From a very young age, I always knew I either never wanted to have children or I simply wanted to adopt. There was always something romantic about the idea of a child and I finding each other through situation, rather than by some biological imperative. It seemed so perfectly modern to me: a woman choosing a child by her own means, rather than purely by situation alone. I knew that if I ever came to want children, adopting a child would be my ideal option. And for her part, my own mother never pushed me one way or the other regarding the having of children. Continue Reading →