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Child Support Discount?

If you’re anything like me, you have a frequent shopper card for each store on your keychain and more cards in your wallet (related: is it just me or are the frequent shopper stamp cards becoming extinct?). A reverend friend of mine jokingly told a client that if he got married five times, the fifth wedding ceremony was on her – and she ended up performing a free wedding ceremony. So, with this in mind, I can see where Desmond Hatchett is coming from (although I don’t necessarily agree with him). Skimming Yahoo News the other day, I read about Mr Hatchett who is hoping for a break on the child support that he owes for his 30 children. Raising kids is expensive, so I can understand why people request child support (I have two dogs, and that easily adds up – I’m not ready to even think about how much debt I would be in if kids entered the picture). Continue Reading →