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Canadian Health Care Converts A Conservative

I’m always fascinated by what makes people change their minds. So this essay, by an anti-abortion religiously conservative American mother who moved to Canada, caught my eye. She writes about being skeptical about universal health care, as well as the availability of abortion. However, she realizes that fuller family-oriented services actually result in people having the sort of options that make them less likely to choose abortions and more likely to be able to raise healthy families. Good for her for being open-minded  enough to change her opinion when confronted with enough evidence and experience to the contrary; I know it’s not easy to give up the conviction of believing that you’re right! Continue Reading →

Historical Statues Get Vulva-fied

Someone has made my week. An anonymous street artist in Halifax, Nova Scotia is attaching felt vulvas to the groins of statues throughout the city. I adore not only felt vulvas, but also appearances of fabric vulvas (in this case, velvet and satin) in unlikely places. Is this ‘vulva-nator’ (as Jamie Frevele at calls him or her) taking the yarnbombing trend in a new direction? Making a sexual/political statement? Continue Reading →

Transgender People Banned From Flying In Canada

Recent Canadian regulations specify that an air carrier may not transport a passenger who “does not appear to be of the gender indicated on the identification he or she presents.” Due to Canadian restrictions on who can change the “sex” designation on their passport, many transpeople are thus excluded from the airline guidelines. This is outright discriminatory and should be addressed immediately. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →

Canada’s Polygamy/Polyamory Ruling

As you may or may not know, Canada’s courts recently made a decision on whether polygamy and other formalized non-monogamous commitments were to be considered criminal. Covered here by Polyamory in the News, the case has a number of fascinating features. The chief judge stated that the law is meant to protect women and children from the abuses that can result in the forms of polygyny practiced by some extreme Christian sects, whereas relationships between multiple consenting adults that are not formalized by marriage (such as a polyamorous triad living together) are not illegal. Interestingly, the case created an unconventional alliance between polyamorous pagans and polygamous Christians, as pointed out in The Wild Hunt’s coverage of the case. As they point out, simply having a marriage ceremony could theoretically criminalize a multi-partner arrangement, which “Considering how many Canadian Pagan polyamorous families have had public marriage/handfasting ceremonies this interpretation of the law places them on the same legal footing as a polygamous Mormon (or Muslim) household.” Continue Reading →